nosThe Intelligent SoapThe Intelligent SealerThe Rush BusterThe Goo BusterThe Tile & Grout BusterThe Lime & Rust BusterThe TSPeThe Concrete BusterThe Glue BusterThe Intelligent Stripper
At Surf-Pro, we know you want to get the job done when you start a restoration, renovation or cleaning project. When a problem comes up, you need to solve it fast. That’s why you need The Solutioner⎯revolutionary products we developed based on our recent discoveries.

What used to be a major hassle is easy to solve today, thanks to solutions that are nothing short of miraculous! They perform so well that words cannot describe them. That’s why we invented new names, like Rust Buster Primer, Lime & Rust Buster and Goo Buster. But you can’t get any more real than their strength, fast action, and earth-friendly formulations.

These Solutions Work – We Guarantee It!

We developed our famous “Complete Satisfaction” guarantee because we are truly convinced that our products will yield the results you expect. In fact, no other cleaning or restoration product on the market offers this kind of money-back guarantee.

Look for full details on our guarantee and related conditions at most department stores, hardware stores, decor and paint centers, flooring retailers, as well as many other participating stores.